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AXA General Insurance is offering internship programs to help students to gain firsthand knowledge of our businesses. Visit the Mynavi 2022 site for schedules and details.

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Actuaries, analyze various kinds of data to develop insurance products that are tailored to the needs of the times and enable optimum pricing, for the purpose of boosting competitiveness in the respective markets. AXA General Insurance specializes in direct business, so actuaries play a critical role in our business operations.

Are you interested in gaining experience in the process of creating innovation by utilizing your mathematical knowledge? We look forward to working with you.

Call for Applications

Internship objective To maximize customer experiences, sales and profits by using statistical techniques and machine learning based on customer attributes and behavioral data
Qualifications Applicants who are interested in determining to what extent the skills you have developed in higher education (in the fields of statistics and machine learning) will have an impact on business (R or Python skills essential)
How to apply Send your CV as an email attachment to the following contact. We do not accept handwritten CVs. Your CV should describe your reasons for applying, skills and areas of interest. In the event that we receive too many applications, we will decide successful applicants through the impartial screening of the application documents and interviews.
※New graduate entry for fiscal year 2025 closed
Contact Internship team, AXA General Insurance (AXA Direct)