Transform the Insurance Business
through Direct Marketing

Executive Officer, Marketing Department

Joined in 2014
Politics and Economics graduate

Taking on challenges in the dynamic, fast-moving non-life insurance industry

After working for a life insurance company and a credit card firm, I took a job at AXA General Insurance because I wanted to work in the more dynamic, fast-moving non-life insurance industry. While life insurance is a once-or-twice-in-a-lifetime purchase, non-life insurance is renewed yearly. I thought it would be a very interesting and rewarding job for me, having built my career in marketing, to devise new marketing strategies and implement them each time the insurance is renewed.
Immediately after I joined the company, I worked as a playing manager, tasked with digital marketing planning and team management. Soon, I was promoted to a position where I oversaw the advertising and publicity department, including TV commercials and other mass media. Currently, I am an executive officer in charge of the entire suite of marketing activities and responsible for company-wide marketing strategies from the management perspective. As a leader of the Marketing department consisting of some 30 members, my role, besides developing strategies, covers every aspect of the marketing operations, including arranging resources to enable those members to fulfill their duties. AXA Direct is promoting progressive endeavors by encouraging the use of data and fusion with new technologies. We are taking on various challenges, experimenting one by one with new marketing methods and tools that have proven effective overseas.

Using data to create marketing strategies with greater value

Our company has a Data and Technology department engaged in the analysis of data from various angles. While they are good at utilizing in-house databases, we in the Marketing department excel in finding ways to connect data in the media with the database.
So, we ask the Data and Technology department to analyze data from a marketing perspective, working in collaboration with them. Our company possesses diverse sets of data and analytical techniques used to analyze our customers. Such an advantageous environment has enabled us to perform advanced data analysis, which cannot be performed by us as marketers alone, in cooperation with the Data and Technology department.
“Formulate assumptions, execute and validate in a rapid cycle to achieve goals of various marketing initiatives.” An environment that allows us to do this is a dream environment for us as marketers, and is challenging and worthwhile.

Improve the quality of our initiatives while accelerating our endeavors

Our corporate culture is conducive to testing initiatives in quick succession. Under assumptions, we conduct countless tests on a single initiative, from which we gain insights from customers’ reactions and refine the initiative before rolling it out for the market. We carry out this plan-do-check-act cycle at a fast pace, so our members learn quickly and acquire diverse knowledge. I am proud of them and find it encouraging to see them growing so fast. We work on a team basis. Teamwork allows us to learn from each other, refine ideas and further improve our initiatives. To boost the speed and quality of our work, we have devised a variety of measures such as simplifying meetings and manager approval procedures. We have also introduced an email approval system and a free-address office that encourages teamwork. Although it is not easy to enhance quality while pursuing greater speed, all team members are motivated to work towards a single goal.

My favorite AXA Value

My favorite AXA Value is “Courage.” If you gather courage, something should change. Without courage, you cannot take on any challenges. When communicating with someone for example, the relationship with the person will grow deeper if you get up the courage to take a step forward.


I would like to make the culture of AXA General Insurance even better. The culture I am aiming for would enable employees to express their opinions and views openly and to work freely toward challenging goals. I believe that my role as a leader in realizing such a culture is to promote a positive spiral within the team, in which the potential of each member is drawn out and recognized by peers, and such strengths thus identified are used in turn to improve the quality of the entire team.