AXA General Insurance values the job satisfaction and good work-life balance of each employee, and provides comprehensive support to help them fulfill their career and personal aspirations.

Main programs and initiatives

  • Internal job posting system

    The internal job posting system allows employees to freely apply for a position within the company, which has become vacant. The system encourages employees to think independently about their careers and enables them to realize their own career path according to their future vision. It also contributes to the development of a challenging organizational culture.

  • Support for career development

    Once every six months, employees review their progress toward achieving their goals and specific actions. By providing employees with opportunities to proactively think about their careers, they will be able to better understand themselves, including their skills, areas of expertise and values. In addition, career interviews with their managers will help them plan the next actions to achieve goals and overcome challenges, thus facilitating them to shape their personal career.

  • Pay for performance

    The pay-for-performance culture is a corporate culture in which each employee works with a sense of contribution to the company and is fairly evaluated by the company in a manner commensurate with the contribution. In order to foster this culture, we have introduced an evaluation system based not on seniority or working hours and been implementing a range of measures.

Main training programs