Make Myself
an Added Value

Claims Department

Joined in 2017
Economics graduate

Discovering a career in claims services

When I was in college, I worked part-time at a call center of a non-life insurance company, receiving reports of accidents, which is how I came to be introduced to claims services (assessment and payment of non-life insurance claims). I learned that depending on how a call center staff member or claims service representative responded to a customer, the customer’s experience in regard to receiving an insurance payout could differ greatly, even though the amount of the benefit was the same.
I thought that since insurance was an intangible product, the language I used and consideration I provided as a claims service worker in processing accident claims could add value to claims services. How I communicate and approach the customer can increase the value of the service and give the customer a feeling of security. Viewing this as a drawcard of claims services, and since I had always been interested in people, I decided to work for AXA General Insurance.

Be responsive to the customer’s feelings as much as possible

Upon the completion of new employee training, I was assigned to the claims service section responsible for paying out insurance claims to customers involved in an accident. The purpose of insurance is to help customers who have been in accidents by paying out insurance claims to help them return to their former life as quickly as possible. My motto is to be a good advisor not just for the policyholder, but for everyone involved, including the other party in the accident. My top priority is to listen to each party and work out a solution in a way that is acceptable to both. Simply providing legal advice will not satisfy customers. What is most important is interpersonal communication. It is essential to listen to and try to understand the customer to the maximum extent possible and to build a relationship of trust one step at a time. Such continued efforts will lead to customers having expectations. When every issue has been resolved and I feel appreciated by the customer, I feel proud and rewarded as an employee of the insurance company.

Respecting customers and supporting them through to resolution

After starting to work in claims services, I learned that there are many serious and tragic accidents happening in our society. Several years after I joined the company, I was in charge of a claim for a pileup involving multiple vehicles. It was a complicated accident involving many parties, so it took a long time to determine the percentage of fault assigned to each party. We carefully listened to every person involved in the accident and negotiated persistently. As a result, all parties reached a settlement in about six months. Around the time we found a direction for the resolution, we were able to report our progress and the customers were reassured and expressed words of appreciation. I vividly remember this moment, when I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride as a claims service worker. While maintaining an appropriate attitude as a representative of an insurance company and providing swift service, I would like to be a dependable partner to help customers through to the end, while respecting their requests to the fullest extent.

My favorite AXA Value

My favorite AXA Value is Customer First, which is also listed in the AXA Group’s goals. I myself have been appointed as a leader of the committee for customer experience (CX). I will work hard to make sure every customer of the AXA Group is fully satisfied with our insurance products and services.


Employees of AXA Direct are taking on challenges every day and the pace is getting faster. I became a trainer for new employees in my third year and since then my work has changed dramatically. In my first and second years, I was only responsible for my own tasks. In contrast, the heavy responsibility of being a trainer is one I keenly recognize. In the near future, the environment for claims services will significantly change with the changing needs of customers and the advance in technologies, including autonomous driving technologies. To keep pace with such changes, I would like to explore what “values” will be required of future claims services and what we should do, from the viewpoint of our relationship with customers, to make better proposals.