The leading role of the Marketing Department is to implement company branding and product promotion based on marketing strategies that make use of data science. Through cooperation with the Data Analysis Team and Contact Center, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of customers, and we are striving to create new CX (Customer Experience). We are responsible for all marketing activities that contribute to increasing revenue.


Data science brings about new marketing

The Marketing Department implements policies through touchpoints such as our website, TV commercials, online advertising, and e-mail. Our objective is to increase awareness of AXA Direct, acquire new customers, and for existing customers to renew their contract. In the midst of diversifying customer lifestyles, we identify different customer needs by product characteristics, and the diverse needs customers of different status have even towards the same automobile insurance product. While utilizing data science, we implement optimal communication, and we are working to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. We are also putting effort into branding, and we are working to permeate the AXA brand both inside and outside the company.


A flat and free atmosphere where you can take the initiative and state your ideas

Each employee takes responsibly for their work, and all output and ideas are accepted. We were the first department to adopt a free address office environment, which gives us a fresh approach to work. In a culture that values the strength and individuality of each employee, you can express your ideas. We work in a way where there are few barriers between superiors and subordinates. It’s a flat relationship where anyone can state their opinion. We make use of flex time and working from home, and we are working to produce maximum results efficiently with a small team.


To spread the global AXA insurance brand in Japan

AXA is not just a company that supports customers by making payouts. We want to become a partner that empowers people to live better lives. That is why we are currently promoting the message of “Know You Can.” Of course, we want our customers to know that our insurance is trustworthy and competitive. However, though these messages, we also want to become a company that is chosen by customers because of its brand. To make this a reality, we are continuing to work to spread the globally famous AXA brand in Japan.

My Job

Marketing Department

Joined in 2018
Humanities graduate

Web branding strategy to accelerate company growth

I am in charge of the team that implements AXA Direct’s branding and creative for online marketing and TV commercials. We are a direct insurance business, so online advertising holds an essential position as a touchpoint for acquiring contracts. I check our daily results on the website, make sales forecasts, and then I implement initiatives based on this. My role is to manage and make adjustments so that each person can work efficiently towards their goals. The speed at which we go from planning to testing and implementation is a unique feature of the Marketing Department. Therefore, I am conscious of the need to maintain an efficient, stress-free working environment.


Our culture is not top-down. We have a bottom-up culture where each employee takes the initiative on projects using their ideas. I want to create an environment where every employee is motivated to come up with and implement solutions. We have a lot of freedom, but everyone takes responsibility for their work. It's challenging, but it's also rewarding. Through this accumulation, the entire team grows. We will increase revenue and improve the AXA brand awareness.

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