The role of Data & Technology Department is to create pioneering data innovations and to carve out new business opportunities. We gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s current needs from the analysis of various data while coordinating with other departments to provide customers with optimal services. We are aspiring to use data science to become a customer orientated data-driven company. To make this a reality, the maintenance of the necessary data infrastructure and technology is also pivotal.


A comprehensive understanding of customers’ current situation using data

As the promotion of digital transformation is a strategy of the AXA Group, the Data & Technology Department plays a central role in utilizing big data to improve our market competitiveness. We use advanced scientific approaches to analyze various data in real-time such as customer’s behavioral patterns and customer attribute information. Also, while having a comprehensive understanding of customers’ current situation, we detect customers’ exact needs and provide optimal services.


We produce data innovation that influences company development

Data analysis is not a job one person does quietly on their own. As our whole company places importance on digital strategy, cooperation with other departments is essential. We analyze customers' behavioral patterns and psychology and share this not only within the team but also with other departments. There are many opportunities to present specific designs for new operations and plans based on analysis results to the management team. Also, we have a long-term internship for graduate students, where they experience working with real data. In the program, the interns solve problems directly related to business. To enhance CX (Customer Experience), we are working hard every day, researching and developing technology together with bright-minded creative young personnel.


Data analysis is for Customer First

The current Japanese automobile insurance market stands at 5 trillion yen. Direct business’s share of this market is less than 10%. In other countries, several times more people are buying insurance over the phone or online. Judging from this, we at AXA believe there is still plenty of room for the growth of direct business. What will speed this up is an approach in the digital sphere that utilizes big data. Our objective is to create potential opportunities for long term growth by analyzing data from the perspective of Customer First, and reading the emergence of needs and the signs of changing needs in customers’ current situation and throughout their life-spans.

My Job

Data & Technology Department

Joined in 2016
Graduate School of Science and Technology,
Communication and Informations Engineering graduate

Responding to the increasing demand for data analysis and contributing in a way that exceeds expectations

My job is to use data analysis to solve the problems of the Claims Department, the Contact Center, and the Marketing Department. For example, the contact center gets multiple calls at the same time, and we are currently analyzing which calls from customers should be prioritized in terms of importance. We also use demand forecast analysis to advise on the optimal placement of personnel at days and times where there will be many enquires. As I took part in our internship during my time at graduate school, I am also involved in the recruitment and hiring of interns. I am working hard to find people who can contribute to the company. Through analyzing data, we know the best action to take next, which leads to improved revenue and has a positive impact on the company’s business. Interns are not limited to analyzing and modeling, but also present the results of their findings to the business team, management, and tech companies. This experience allows the interns to get many opportunities to gain feedback from a business perspective.


We are strategically enhancing our data innovation capabilities on a global level. We have the central role in this mission, analyzing various data bringing about innovation. To achieve the next innovation, we are aiming for overall team development by improving the upcoming generation’s data analysis skills and ability to bring about innovation. Of course, we will solve problems directly related to the company’s business. However, we are also planning the next feasible and strategic data innovation, which will give us a competitive advantage in the market. From there, we will go on and carve out the next business opportunity.

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