Carve Out My Own Career

Human Resources Department

Joined in 2011
Sports Medicine and Science graduate

AXA Direct is a company that respects employees’ goals

In college, I majored in sports medicine and studied human health. As I was researching companies for my future career, hoping to take a job relating to people’s lives and health, I became interested in the insurance industry, which, along with medical care, is an industry that supports people over a lifetime.
Non-life insurance is a business that provides peace of mind by insuring life and property. People can move forward, knowing that they are protected by insurance. I decided to enter the non-life insurance business because I wanted to support people in positively moving through their lives.
What impressed me most at a job interview to work here was the question, “What kind of person do you want to be in the future?” I got the sense that the company had a policy of respecting employees’ intentions regarding what they wanted to do and how they wanted to be, rather than looking for someone to be a cog in the company machinery. When choosing an employer, it is also important to me whether I can make use of my strength in the organization. I decided to join AXA Direct because its corporate culture places importance on the career visions of its employees.

Envision the future and take on the challenge

Upon joining the company, I was assigned to the Claims department. My career vision as a member of the department was to be able to handle all aspects of claims services from payment of insurance claims to the resolution of an accident, thereby providing comprehensive support for a customer who was involved in an accident.
Claims services deal with accidents of many different sizes and forms, such as accidents resulting in damage to a car or motorcycle and accidents involving injuries or a serious personal injury. Tasks assigned to personnel differ according to the skill level of the person. I worked hard to improve my skills so that I could handle accidents of all types and severity. I hoped to be able to accurately grasp the details of an accident and quickly resolve it, while caring for customers. Although the goal was challenging, as I gained more experience, I moved up in both my job description and position and became a leader of the team. I was able to develop skills for providing customers with accurate advice and quick solutions, and have worked hard as a leader to improve the performance of the team by backing up the entire operation and training team members to improve quality.

The basis of this job is customer first

For claims services, it is important to respond appropriately to the requests of a customer who has been involved in an accident. “Customer first” as I define it means to listen to what customers want to say, quickly identify their needs and provide service that exceeds their expectations. In one of my cases, a client caused an accident and the other party was injured. I provided all possible support for both the customer and the other party until the accident was resolved. As a result, in addition to receiving words of appreciation from the customer, I was told by the other party, “If you provide me with such great service, I'll switch to AXA Direct for my auto insurance.” After that, when the other party actually entered into a contract with us, I was reminded that everyone I encounter in this job could one day be a customer. I reaffirmed my recognition that serving current and potential customers is the very embodiment of customer first.

My favorite AXA Value

Of course, it’s Customer First. In the Claims department, I always put the concept of “customer first” at the heart of my work. In the Human Resources department, I still believe that the basis of our work is to always have the mindset of making the growth and support of employees our first priority.


Careers are meant to be built on challenges. I was constantly faced with challenges in developing my skills as a claims service representative and in leading the team. Having been transferred to the HR department, I am currently engaged in recruitment and employee training. In this new field, I am tackling new challenges every day while leveraging my previous experience. My job has changed from directly supporting customers to supporting employees. I will continue to pursue “what I can do for customers and employees” and move forward so that I can become a key person who supports the company.