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AXA General Insurance is primarily made up of seven departments, each pursuing Customer First and continuously innovating every day.


Improving the CX (Customer Experience) of what customers can experience and feel through our products and services, and leading efforts to realize true Customer First.

WORK - 01

Management of the contact center, the heart of direct business. Directly contacting customers through the internet or by phone, the department is responsible for tasks ranging from new contracts and contract renewal, to maintenance.

WORK - 02

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of customers’ current needs from data analysis that utilizes advanced data technology. Coordinating with other departments to provide optimal services and create new business opportunities.

WORK - 03

Devising marketing strategies that utilize data science and implementing branding and product promotion policies. Responsible for marketing activities that create new CX (Customer Experience) and contribute to increasing revenue.

WORK - 04

Creating product and pricing strategies, also providing profitable and competitive insurance products using forecast analysis of mathematical models of each data set.

WORK - 05

Responding quickly while supporting customers when they have been in a motorcycle or car accident, or an accident involving injury. Making payouts and assisting customers until the resolution of their accident.

WORK - 06

The Business Support Department’s role is to support the other departments so they can pour all their energy into customer services. The department is comprised of Human Resources, Finance, Legal and Compliance, Risk Management, and Internal Audit Departments.

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