Our Contact Centers

Contact Centers, which assume the mission of “One to One Communication,” are critical in our direct business

AXA Direct has Contact Centers in Fukui Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture and Asahikawa City, Hokkaido. At each center, Customer Advisors (CAs) handle all kinds of inquiries on automobile insurance (premium estimates, new contracts, policy renewals, address changes, vehicle replacements, consultation on coverage) from customers nationwide via the Internet and over the phone. The CAs, as professional insurance consultants, identify the needs of each customer and propose the best possible insurance services every day.
Our Contact Centers cooperate with each other on a “location-free” basis to maintain a system where customers can contact a Contact Center anytime when they are in need. Even when one of the centers is compelled to suspend its operation due to a disaster or other emergency, the other centers can take over the operation.
In this way, our Contact Centers are cooperating with each other to fulfill the mission of “One to One Communication” with customers, and are playing a pivotal role in AXA General Insurance’s business model of direct marketing.

Our office environment

AXA has been promoting a cultural transformation (corporate culture shift) across the company. In particular, office renovation incorporating cutting-edge design has been taking place at all offices nationwide with the aim of making the office, where employees spend their days, a place for “transforming the corporate culture to achieve set visions and goals and taking on the challenge of changing the culture on our own.” For example, free address work spaces have been introduced to promote space efficiency. This has allowed space at each office for a cafeteria where employees can gather for lunch or a chat, a so called quiet area with relaxing music where you can stretch your legs and unwind in a low-light environment, and a communication space that can be used freely without making a reservation. The promotion of digitization and elimination of assigned seating is expected to allow employees engaged in different tasks to work at their optimum comfort level. In this way, we aim to create a comfortable workplace that facilitates new services and innovation. Going forward, AXA will implement an action plan that includes enhancing the value of each employee and engaging in workstyle reform to promote customer-centric value, and will further expand its business and promote its growth strategy.