A Working Mother’s
Career Development

Claims Department

Joined in 2007
Management Economics graduate

A working woman with children appeared impressive

“How vibrant and attractive they are.” When I was a temporary worker, there were many female workers playing active roles at AXA General Insurance. Senior employees who had children worked energetically every day and, to me, they seemed impressive and very attractive. Because I hoped to continue working even after I had children, AXA seemed an ideal place to work. As my desire to play a larger role in this company grew, I gladly accepted an offer for a full-time position. As a regular worker, I have been reminded that a full range of support programs are in place to help female employees who give birth or are raising children to continue working. I took a total of two years and eight months of maternity and childcare leave when I gave birth to my two children. Having returned to work, I am utilizing other support systems, including shortened working hours and staggered work hours, with the kind understanding of my colleagues.

Putting my feelings into words and serving customers with sincerity

At first, I was assigned to an accident report center, where I took calls from customers who had been involved in an accident. After learning about customer service here, I was transferred to a center tasked with insurance claims payment for customers who had been involved in an accident and been injured. Currently, as a team leader, I am responsible for managing my team members. I pay special attention to the relationships among the members of my team. To support customers who are anxious as a result of an accident, it is important to empathically listen to what they have to say and respond to them with sincere words and a sincere attitude. I always keep in mind that I am facilitating the creation of an open workplace environment where team members can exchange candid opinions. I believe that only by having a solid relationship of trust as members of a team will we be able to extend wholehearted service to customers. I feel that better service starts with a positive atmosphere within the company.

Customer satisfaction will result in better business performance

Our customers who have been injured in accidents are also emotionally traumatized. We can alleviate some of their anxiety by being an empathic and dependable listener. Receiving words of gratitude from our clients after they have recovered and their cases have been resolved is a great motivation for us to perform our claims payment duties.
Another aspect of being an empathetic listener and attentive partner is that the more your customer is satisfied with the insurance payment service, the better results you will achieve. The numerical results show exactly how you serve customers. My personal goal is to always leave every customer satisfied, which represents a challenge for myself and at the same time is the source of my confidence.

My favorite AXA Value

As a team leader, I am keenly aware of the importance of “Courage.” I believe that leaders are required to have the courage to make responsible decisions and to encourage team members to take on challenges.


At AXA Direct, a lot of female employees are playing active roles and female managers are not rare. I myself would like to continue trying to move up the ladder, step by step. I also hope to foster female leaders from my own team. As our company offers a wide variety of programs that support diverse work styles, including telecommuting, I believe that it allows us to achieve both career and personal goals.