Our mission at AXA is to protect customers from risk, to turn their anxiety into assurance, and for them to become a partner. To achieve this mission, we support each department so that they can deliver the ultimate service to customers. The Business Support Department is comprised of the Human Resources Department, the Finance and Business Analysis Department, the Legal and Compliance Department, the Risk Management Department, and the Internal Audit Department. Our mission is to build the foundation for future company growth.


Improving the wellbeing of employees

To achieve Customer First engagement from all employees is essential.
The reason that the Business Support Department exists is to reinforce a working environment where the employees of the customer-facing departments such as the Claims Department, the Operation Department, and the Marketing Department can work with high motivation. In the Business Support Department, there are specialists from different fields, and we support the realization of Customer First under the principle of Employee First.

The Departments that Make Up the Business Support Department

  • Human Resources Department

    Contributing to the further growth of the company through recruitment, development, placement, organizational structure planning, human resources system establishment, work environment creation, company culture development, and the implementation and drawing up of human resources strategy that meet the needs of the company.

  • Finance and Business Analysis Department

    Creating and forecasting budgets following company strategy and budget management. Accurate monitoring of company performance and making financial investments and conducting asset management to maximize revenue.

  • Legal and Compliance Department

    Drawing up and implantation of compliance programs required as an insurance company, solving various legal problems, and making proactive proposals.

  • Risk Management Department

    Through risk forecasting and countermeasures from every point of view, working to reduce the business risk that surrounds the company.