Get to Know AXA General Insurance in 3 Minutes


About the AXA Group

AXA is an insurance/asset management group supporting more than 93 million customers worldwide.

Founded in 1817 in France, the AXA Group is a world leader in insurance and asset management. Currently based in Europe, AXA has also been operating in the United States and Asia since the establishment of the AXA brand in 1985. It continues to enhance its presence and network and expand its lineup of products and services.

  • 1:Underwriting earnings is one of the indicators for profitability based on the International Accounting Standards.

AXA’s operations in Japan

AXA Group operations in Japan

The AXA Group is engaged in a wide range of businesses in Japan, including insurance and asset management. Under the holding company, AXA Holdings Japan Co., Ltd., AXA General Insurance Co., Ltd. specializes in direct marketing of automobile, motorcycle, and pet insurance. Working closely with AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and other AXA Group member companies in Japan, AXA General Insurance provides products and services to protect customers from risks.


What is direct business?

A business specializing in direct marketing

We rely primarily on direct marketing through TV commercials and digital advertising to obtain new contracts and renewals. We sell insurance products directly to customers who make calls to a contact center via television and the Internet. We are therefore reinforcing our endeavor as a digital company to utilize big data based on the AXA Group’s global brand strength.


Our business in the future

We leverage data and then add value to offer new customer experiences

To become a data-driven1 company able to meet customer needs, we use data to fully understand customers’ current situations and offer optimum products and services that accommodate changes in society and the times. One of the measures we are taking to accurately meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers is the "digital transformation of the contact center". The second is "Digitalization". In September 2020, we will begin offering a "compensation recommendation function" on our website, in which AI will suggest specific compensation contents. We will continue to provide services that respond to the changing times.

  • 1:Data-driven means making decisions and taking actions based on data, such as sales data, marketing data and web analysis data.

Action guideline and brand strategy

AXA’s values that underpin “Know You Can”

Shifting from being a mere payer of insurance benefits to a partner in the customer’s life—this is a vision the AXA Group aims to achieve and represents the action guideline for the Group as it moves forward into the future. Our tagline, “Know You Can,” expresses our commitment to be a close partner to customers to encourage and help them live a better life with peace of mind. To fulfill our mission of empowering customers to live a better life, we are practicing four core values.