The department that manages the contact center—the heart of direct business. Directly contacting customers through the internet or by phone, work ranges from new contracts and contract renewal, to maintenance. Our role is to construct an organization that can respond to customer demands efficiently and effectively by making full use of data science and the latest technology, placing necessary advisors in each location,


Providing a service that exceeds customer expectations

In direct business, the contact center is an essential direct point of contact with customers. Customers must experience the positive AXA brand as built up by TV commercials and web advertising. Customer Advisors (CA) working at the contact center, inform customers about insurance premiums and coverage options, as well as responding to various enquires about insurance contracts such as changing address. Our product, insurance, is intangible, and it is a product that almost all customers are not familiar with. That is why, while explaining over the phone in an easy to understand manner, we provide consutation to customers to offer the best insurance plan that suits each person individually. We place importance on delivering services that do not just match customer expectations but exceed them.


We do not work alone. We all do our best, united as one team.

Typically call center work tends to be seen as a job you do alone. However, we undertake various initiatives as a team. Team leaders display strong leadership while coaching individuals, intending to increase the proficiency of the team as a whole. We also have a brother-sister system where senior staff members support new staff by kindly educating them right by their side. Team members also sometimes consult one another about issues not related to work, and this friendly homelike atmosphere is the appeal of the Operation Department.


A center which produces moments that increase the number of AXA fans

With multiple contact centers, we are aiming to become a relationship center where we are “connected” to customers in a good state, anytime. With central management of all centers, we can effectively deploy the optimum number of advisors, allowing us to achieve a high level of customer service. While customer service improvement is our number one priority, we are also investigating creating mechanisms where each advisor can work in a way that fits their lifestyle. For example, working from home and making use of the cloud system that is to be introduced. We actively adopt new technology, and we are considering the possibility of multi-channel communication in the near future.

My job

Operation Department

Joined in 1999
International Politics and Economics graduate

Embodying One AXA at all contact centers

I joined as an advisor when the company was founded and started my career being involved with Contact Center management. Subsequently, I was responsible for training new employees, and then I worked on the launch of our first regional office. Currently, I am responsible for optimum personnel distribution across all centers and call management. Location-free work is possible since we centrally manage all centers. Even in the unlikely event of a disaster occurring at one of the centers, other centers can cover the load, allowing us to avoid a situation where customers cannot get through. Also, we don’t just take phone calls. We are always connected with customers, have an adequate understanding of their needs, and provide optimal services. My mission is to make this kind of Contact Center reality and to create new value of contact centers, in line with the evolving digital society.


I think that due to future advances in technology, ways of communicating, and the ideal state of the contact center will change. Utilizing new technology and responding to evolving customer needs is not something that can be done individually. All employees have to unite, embody the values of One AXA, and deliver unprecedented customer experience that far exceeds expectations.

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