Customer First Department

The context behind the creation of the Customer First Department

At AXA General Insurance, we are placing Customer First as the pillar of our long-term strategy. The Customer First Department was created to implement the vital policy of improving CX (Customer Experience.) Below we will introduce the future we are looking ahead to and cross-department initiatives that are entirely focused on Customer First.

What is CX?

CX stands for “Customer Experience,” and it means what customers can experience and feel through our products and services. The Customer First Department leads cross-department initiatives so that we can deliver the ultimate Customer-First-based CX to our customers.

The following experiences and emotions are all examples of CX. When receiving a product explanation, “the explanation was thorough.” When making a contract, “I was able to join cheaply using an internet discount.” When getting in touch after an accident, “I was relieved to get through straight away.”

Customer First Department

As head of the CX Development Department, I take the lead in initiatives to enhance the awareness of CX across the entire company. My goal is the fostering of a culture where every employee individually furthers CX, eventually to the point where the CX Development Department becomes redundant.

Customer First Department

As a core member of the Customer First Department, I use digital to consider and create new touchpoints with customers, and I am pursuing all possibilities to enhance CX.


Improve employee’s Customer First awareness and create the ultimate customer experience

Insurance is an intangible product, and differentiation by price alone is difficult. With this notion at its core, AXA General Insurance aims to be an insurance company that delivers the ultimate CX through every touchpoint with customers and is chosen by customers as a genuine partner. For that reason, we consider it of utmost importance that each employee can embody Customer First.
Our team is taking the lead in bringing this mission to reality, and we are working to improve the Customer First awareness of all employees. For the realization of true Customer First, it is also essential to foster a culture of acknowledging and respecting one another. Employees having pride in working for an insurance company will also have a positive impact on the services we provide to customers. It is with this belief that we started the Customer First Department.


Everything is based on customer feedback

The first initiative we took was holding interviews with our customers and gathering their honest opinions. We did this to look for what was currently missing at AXA General Insurance, and we wanted to link this to CX. The approach we took was to generate ideas about what was needed based on the feedback we received from customers. Our objective is to implement the ideas we think have potential, test their effectiveness, and produce business impact in the coming years. We are aiming to create an entirely new CX by involving related departments in the implementation of this process.

Ultimate CS is born out of ultimate ES

The following is an example of an action plan we will implement. In aspiring for Customer First, we noticed that “Ultimate CS (Customer Satisfaction) is born out of ultimate ES (Employee Satisfaction).” Further increasing employee satisfaction and raising awareness leads to an improvement in customer satisfaction. Based on this concept, we plan to implement many initiatives to create a culture that commends employees. Through praising others, try to change your actions—we expect that these positive actions will be conveyed to customers and lead to an improvement in CS.


Don’t stop Customer First initiatives!

There is no right answer in the efforts of the Customer First Department. That is because we are attempting something that has never been done before. Improve all employee’s Customer First awareness and connect this to new customer experience—this is easier said than done. However, through repeated trial and error, we are giving our all, and aiming for the day where it is said that “If you want the ultimate customer experience, it has to be AXA General Insurance!” Our goal is the creation of a culture where all employees acknowledge and praise each other, and where our company’s DNA gives rise to the future. Our team has only just gotten started. From here on, we will face many changes, and while this is a very worthwhile project, we are aware that we will also face a great deal of difficulties. One thing we can say is that the accumulation of small actions is essential. We are going to boldly take the first step forward so that Customer First initiatives don’t stop.