Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about recruitment.

  • Q.Is AXA Direct a supportive workplace for women?

    Many women are playing active roles in the company, and about 30% of the managers are women. Furthermore, more than 30% of the company's management members are women. We have also expanded our maternity and child care leave systems and shortened working hours after maternity leave, and have received the highest rank of the "Eruboshi” mark certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare. In the meantime, the company also promotes child care leave for men.

  • Q.Please tell us about your work-life balance related systems.

    We have introduced a working-from-home system and are upgrading our leave systems, including refreshment leave. In addition, because employees are allowed to work in a flexible manner at their own discretion, the average overtime for the company as a whole is relatively short, at around 10 hours per month, providing a good work-life balance.

  • Q.Is there a retirement benefit plan?

    We have in place a defined contribution pension plan and a retirement lump-sum payment plan.

  • Q.What is the evaluation system like?

    In line with the pay-for-performance policy, our evaluation system is based on performance and behavioral characteristics (competencies). Since we do not adopt a seniority system, those who have the ability and aptitude will be assigned to responsible jobs, including department heads and other managerial positions, from an early stage of their career.

  • Q.What is the company’s support for employees’ career development like?

    Simultaneously with personnel evaluations, employees will have an opportunity for regular career interviews with supervisors to proactively consider their careers on their own. We also have an internal job posting system that allows them to change their career paths within the company.

  • Q.Is there an opportunity to use English?

    It depends on the department and job responsibilities, but English skills are a must-have capability for your future career advancement no matter which department you will be assigned to. So please try to brush up your English. In addition, there are many opportunities to study English in the company in a casual way. (Training, English conversation lunch circle, etc.)

  • Q.What is the company culture?

    All the employees are friendly, and the company has a homelike culture. Rather than “top-down,” a “bottom-up” culture is rooted in the company to gather the voices of employees.

  • Q.Are there any transfers?

    Since we are a direct business operator and do not have offices all over the country, there are no frequent transfers, but depending on the department and tasks, you may be asked to transfer, which could necessitate a relocation of residence.

  • Q.Are there any job openings for foreign nationals and international students?

    Anyone of any age, gender, nationality, or disability is eligible to apply if he/she has the aptitude and ability. We currently have many non-Japanese employees and are promoting a culture based on diversity.

  • Q.What kind of CSR activities do you do?

    The AXA Group engages in a variety of activities. Please follow this link to learn more.

  • Q.Who can I contact for recruitment information?

    Please email us if you have any questions about recruitment.

  • Q.What is the ratio of career hiring?

    What is the ratio of mid-career hiring?

    Ratio of mid-career hires to full-time workers

    Mid-career Ratio
    2020 129 88%
    2021 61 76%
    2022 127 84%

    June 8,2023