A Place Where
I Can Balance Work,
Parenting and Housework

Operation Department

Joined in 2008
Human Life and Science graduate

I wanted to sell intangible products

I like interacting with people, and I used to work as a customer service part-timer. So, I considered a job in the customer service industry. As I visited various companies, I was attracted to our company because of its free corporate culture and atmosphere in which young people can work actively. I had no knowledge of insurance until then and was worried that insurance would be a difficult job with a lot of specialist terminology. However, when I heard that there was an opportunity to learn everything from basic insurance knowledge to phone customer service during the one-month training, I felt that I could manage. Then, I became interested in the direct business that deals with customers only over the phone, how to sell the invisible product of insurance and how to deliver reassurance. I felt a desire to take on the challenge.
Other reasons for joining the company include many female workers assuming active and responsible roles, generous benefit programs encouraging us to take leaves, a homelike corporate atmosphere and no quotas imposed on employees.

I feel rewarded by the words “thank you” from customers

I respond to customer calls as a Senior Customer Advisor. Currently, I am responsible for the renewal and continuation of contracts and proposals on insurance coverage for existing customers. I value calls from customers, which occur only once in a year or in several years. Not merely answering their inquiries, but hoping to make them an opportunity for reviewing the coverage if it seems insufficient, I try to inform customers of the procedures and the appropriate timing of changing the coverage in line with the customers’ situations, with the minimum number of calls.
I find this job worthwhile, because the evaluation from customers is directly fed back to us. Since I became a Senior Customer Advisor, I have been assigned to more difficult cases, which take more time and effort to settle. When the customer agrees to our settlement proposals and I receive the highest evaluation rank accompanied by the words “thank you,” I feel my persistent efforts were rewarded.

Programs that allowed me to use childcare leave and shortened working hours for one and a half years

I was really glad to have joined this company when I gave birth to my child.
In my case, I had a baby in November, so I could not get my child into daycare upon the first anniversary of the childcare leave. However, because AXA Direct allows us to extend a childcare leave up to two years, I was able to wait until April of the following year when my child could enter preschool to return to work. When I returned to work, I was given an opportunity to take training, which gave me more confidence. Moreover, I worked shorter hours until my child turned three years old. As our children grow older, we frequently need to request days-off to attend their school events. Even in such cases, our workplace environment encourages us to take paid leave. Another attractive arrangement is a five-day refreshment leave designed to allow employees to take a family trip. These generous employee benefits programs have helped me to work comfortably while enriching my personal life.

My favorite AXA Value

It is “Customer First” because I believe customers are the reason for working. I try my best every day to make customers satisfied with calling AXA General Insurance and making a contract with us.


(One of my typical work days)

  • 8:45Arrive at office; check e-mails
  • 9:00Start working (answering questions on behalf of my superior)
  • 11:00Team meeting
  • 12:00Lunch break
  • 13:00Taking customer calls (handling inquiries on vehicle replacement and contract continuation)
  • 18:00Leave office


When a longer vacation is available, I take a family trip. This photo is from a trip to a theme park for my kid’s birthday. I can focus on my work thanks to the time to spend with my family.