For the Joy and Growth
of Team Members

Operation Department

Joined in 2011
Department of Human Life and Science, Life Information graduate

A company that allows me to work longer after marriage and childbirth

I was looking for a company in my hometown Fukui, where I could balance work and life and continue to work after marriage and childbirth. I learned that AXA Direct encouraged its employees to take paid leave and has a full-range of support programs in place for employees after childcare leave. In addition, many female workers played active roles after returning to work following the leave. I was attracted by these arrangements and applied to join the company. I also pursued a career, through which I could interact with people, because I enjoyed talking to people when I had a part-time customer service job as a student. I was worried that being a Contact Center advisor would be more difficult than face-to-face customer service because I couldn’t see the customer’s face, but I decided to take on the challenge because I thought that a challenging job would help improve my communication skills and be more rewarding.
Although I was worried before joining the company, my concerns became something worth challenging, thanks to the excellent training programs and kind support from my superiors and senior staff members.

Growth of a team leads to the growth of departments and the company

I began my career as a Customer Advisor, acting as a point of contact for car insurance quotes and application enquiries, before moving on to become a Senior Customer Advisor, then an Expert Customer Advisor, and now as a team leader, managing seven team members. My duties include answering questions from members, conducting interviews to provide operational and mental support, checking conversations during calls, analyzing performance, and creating improvement plans. Once a month, we hold a 30-minute meeting with each member. It is a valuable opportunity for me to listen attentively to their voices and to help them unleash their potential to the fullest extent possible.
It is also my role to ensure that every member of my team achieves growth. We share model call pitches and successful experience among the team, to learn from each other for better performance. I give instructions, while hoping that the growth of my team will lead to the growth of departments and ultimately the entire company.
I keep in mind to build a relationship of trust through always being close to the members, praising them in real time for their exceptional customer service and consulting with any of the members if I feel his/her motivation has been decreased.

Aiming for the best for our customers, members and the company

Based on the observation of customer response by the team members, I sometimes give advice that they should offer considerate and caring words to leave a memorable impression. When I receive a report from a member who has put my advice into practice and received a positive response from the customer, I feel as happy as the member. When I see my members are gratified with e-mails with compliments from customers after the calls, I feel proud and motivated.
I have been a team leader for a little over a year now. From now on, I would like to be able to give instructions from diverse perspectives while considering what is the best way for the member, the customer, and the company, depending on the situation. In order to further improve my skills, I will challenge myself to take the supervisor examination for management positions, which tests knowledge and skills concerning customer service and the management and training of contact advisors. Through obtaining this in-house certification, I would like to acquire a broad knowledge of contact center operations. My next goal is to become a senior team leader, which is the leader of team leaders.

My favorite AXA Value

It is “One AXA.” I aspire to build a team in which members are motivated to upskill and learn from each other for the growth of individuals and the entire organization.


(One of my typical work days)

  • 8:40Arrive at office; check e-mails
  • 8:50Morning meeting (Convey business instructions to team members)
  • 9:00Start working (Answer questions from customer advisors)
  • 11:00Team meeting
  • 12:00Lunch break
  • 13:00Meetings with team members
  • 13:30Answer questions from customer advisors
  • 17:30Meetings with team members
  • 18:00Check team members’ performance during calls (customer service voice data)
  • 19:00Leave office


We have a close relationship among seniors and co-workers. We spend a lot of time together also outside the company. If day-off schedules allow us, we go out for dinner and trips, enjoying holidays together.