Aspiring to New Heights
and Taking on Challenges in
My Hometown Fukui

Claims Department

Joined 2012
Faculty of Education and Welfare, Early Childhood Education Course graduate

Hoping to get a job and grow in my hometown where I can contribute to the local community

As a student, the ideal job I wanted to take in the future was one that would help people in anxiety to feel reassured. Around that time, I became a victim of a traffic accident, and the insurance company representatives who handled the accident made me feel reassured with their empathetic support. That was when I realized that my ideal profession was a job in non-life insurance.
I was born and raised in Fukui Prefecture, and have been practicing kendo since my childhood. My kendo mentor always told me that I should be an adult who can make a contribution to society and the local community. So, I had hoped to get a job in my hometown and be involved in the development of children as an instructor of kendo.
I attended a company information session provided by AXA Direct, which has a base in Fukui Prefecture, because I looked for a non-life insurance company located in my hometown. Employees of AXA Direct I met there were all dedicated professionals in non-life insurance, working with integrity, and made me hope to be part of the company. I decided to join the company as I wanted to challenge myself to reach new heights and to grow at AXA General Insurance that encourages a challenging spirit.

Provide empathetic support for customers with anxiety

My responsibilities include the handling of accidents in which our policyholders have a larger percentage of fault, along with out-of-court settlement negotiations with other parties who suffered damage. I regard it important to help customers who unfortunately were involved in an accident recover their normal peaceful lives as soon as possible, and to this end, we must investigate and determine damages and compensation regarding the accident promptly, appropriately, fairly and thoroughly.
Being involved in an accident is not something that happens many times in a customer's lifetime. As I have experienced an accident, I am aware that the parties to an accident can be crushed with anxiety. As a claims service representative, I sympathetically react to the anxieties of such customers, and try to understand and deal with the situation sincerely in the spirit of customer first.
I believe that it is also important to continue to brush up on our customer support by repeatedly reviewing our services, even after an accident response is completed, to make further improvements and seek better resolution processes.

Decision-making can be compared to a daily workout

It is not easy to settle accident claims. When I was first assigned a job, I made a spate of mistakes. However, each time I made a mistake, my supervisors and colleagues supported me, which helped me to gain much valuable experience. Through this process, I was able to develop the skills of listening attentively and conveying information effectively. To resolve a case, it is necessary to gather information. I devise a way to ask questions to solicit the facts from customers and identify their needs. I also make sure that I understand what I heard from the customer and convey the information correctly because providing accurate information to parties concerned of the accident will lead to early resolution.
I owe what I am today to my supervisors and colleagues. Whenever I ask for advice, they sincerely respond to me no matter how busy they are. They provide me with appropriate advice when I am unable to make a decision. One piece of advice that remains in my mind to this day is “Decision-making can be compared to a daily workout,” and it has been a guiding principle for my work. AXA Direct respects the ideas of each and every employee. Think for yourself and have the courage to make decisions on a daily basis. I will repeat it and challenge myself to reach new heights.

My favorite AXA Value

I believe in “Courage.” I am timid by nature and was not good at speaking in public, but through my work, I was able to experience many challenges that I recall I am glad to have had the courage to take a step forward. Through such experiences, I always try to imagine the joy and excitement in accomplishing my work.


(One of my typical work days)

  • 8:30Arrive at office (checking e-mails, organizing documents)
  • 9:00Start working (customer service)
  • 10:00A meeting with parties concerned
  • 12:30Lunch break
  • 13:30Resume work (customer service)
  • 16:00A meeting with investigation company representatives
  • 17:30In-house meeting
  • 18:00Considering how to deal with cases; organize documents
  • 19:30Leave office


I am sweating in kendo with children as an instructor at a local kendo school every week. I benefit greatly from teaching children, and am pleased to contribute to society and the local community both in my work and private life.