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Message from HR Department

AXA General Insurance (AXA Direct Japan (ADJ)) is a company affiliated with the AXA Group.

AXA Group, headquartered in France, is an insurance/asset management group supporting more than 100 million customers worldwide.

As a member of the globally operating group, we have grown at a rapid pace since we started our business in Japan in 1998 and are leading the insurance market as a pioneer in direct marketing.

With the world changing drastically and witnessing emerging new risks, we are now in an era in which the value of our existence and transformation as an insurance company is being challenged. In response to the demands of the times, we have upheld our vision to become “our customers' most trusted partner” rather than a mere “claims payer.” We are constantly pursuing transformation through our business model that leverages digital technology to provide "beyond insurance" services that only we can provide.

AXA General Insurance has established action principles for our employees, in line with the AXA Group's four core values (Customer first, Integrity, Courage and One AXA). In order to deliver appropriate support to our customers, we place importance on our employees acting with integrity and courage. We have a flat corporate culture that allows the employees to support our customers as a team rather than as an individual, while at the same time encouraging them to grow together. To facilitate each employee's self-fulfillment, we provide an environment that respects diversity, encourages change and growth, gives them discretion and enables them to reach their full potential.

Your possibilities are limitless.

In an environment that offers you infinite possibilities, why not create the next generation of AXA while having the courage to expect and enjoy “change” and “growth?”

The HR staff are looking forward to working with highly motivated candidates at AXA General Insurance of the AXA Group.

“Know You Can”

Believing in yourself and continuing to challenge yourself will lead to a great future for you. That's what we at AXA General Insurance believe.

Recruitment Team, HR Department
AXA General Insurance Co., Ltd.