My peers’ success is
my motivation to work

Operation Department

Joined 2020
business management graduate

Opportunities for a responsible position even if you are young

I previously worked at a call center in a different industry. It unfortunately closed, and so I started looking for a job where I could put my phone-based customer communication skills and computer skills such as data entry to use. One day I saw AXA’s recruitment ad and decided to visit the Kochi Office. As I was briefed on what the job entailed, I found the positive and energetic atmosphere of the workplace appealing. What struck me in particular was that the team leaders and HR staff were from my own generation. Having heard that even young people had the chance to be assigned to a responsible position regardless of their job history, I thought that maybe I too could make meaningful contributions in various areas. So I joined the company.
I am now dealing with customer inquiries and providing insurance advice as a customer adviser. My primary job involves providing information on insurance that meets individual needs, including procedures for new policies, renewal and continuation procedures and online procedures. In my previous job, I would just take incoming calls, but since working here, I have realized the importance of being customer-focused.

It’s not about the 30 phone calls, it’s about engaging with 30 customers

The role of customer adviser involves offering solutions to address customer concerns and building trust as a partner. Given that AXA makes online procedures available on its website, it is fair to say that those who are taking the time to make a phone call have hit some kind of problem. Accordingly, actively listening to the customers and talking to them to help resolve their concerns will lead to the building of lasting relationships. We receive about 30 phone calls every day. I make it a point of never taking the calls as a matter of routine, but rather engaging with 30 customers with integrity.
There is a lot of technical terminology in insurance, which makes it difficult for customers to clearly understand insurance coverage. So I usually have a couple of scenarios to hand and customize them according to the customer’s degree of knowledge about insurance. Sometimes I just explain the main points or give concrete examples. In this way, I strive to use as much plain language as possible. Different customers have different needs, and the way they use their car also varies. When I see that customers are satisfied with the tailored policies and plans that I have proposed, in my head I fist pump the air in triumph.

A catalyst to get everyone involved

I am always on the lookout for information that helps me improve my communication skills—how I could make myself better understood. I do not just think about it by myself but also watch and learn from how my peers are handling customers. The most exciting part of the job is when I am trying to apply this accumulated knowledge and experience to scenarios for future customer interaction.
I have always wanted to serve as a kind of catalyst that gets everyone involved when there is something to be done. This is because I believe talking and brainstorming about what can be done to improve team performance brings about better results than working individually. I want our team to share best practices and to put our heads together to come up with better solutions for greater customer satisfaction.
Many employees of my generation at AXA are given considerable discretion and are active in responsible positions such as leaders and managers. It is inspiring to have such role models close to me, and I feel motivated when I see them. Likewise, my vision is to actively work as a team leader or a trainer and engage in human resources development.

My favorite AXA Value

My motto is to engage with customers with integrity. Integrity is another way of saying sincerity. Never wanting to compromise in my work, I respond to each and every phone call sincerely. I am committed to never allowing myself to act irresponsibly and to continue to squarely face whatever comes and promote customer relationships that are built on trust.


(One of my typical work days)

  • 8:45Arrive at the office, check emails and chat messages
  • 9:00Start the day. Assist customers
  • 10:00One-on-one meeting with the team manager
  • 11:00Assist customers
  • 12:30Eat lunch
  • 13:30Assist customers
  • 16:30Skill improvement (voluntary learning)
  • 17:00Assist customers
  • 18:00Go home


I have a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, the breed Peter Rabbit was modeled on. Running around the living room with my rabbit on the weekend relaxes me.