“Work as a team”
Words that hit me right
in the heart

Operation Department

Joined 2019
bridal business course graduate

A working environment that supports women during the different stages of their lives

Before I joined AXA, I worked as a sales representative. In that job, I felt joy in being able to achieve sales targets as a result of having devised well thought-out approaches under challenging conditions. However, given the absence of career development pathways, I decided to change careers and move into a new environment. Soon after I started job hunting, I came across AXA’s recruitment slogan—“work as a team.” It hit me right in the heart. I found the culture of an entire company making concerted efforts toward achieving its goal appealing. I remember having a strong desire to work at AXA.
I had made it a point that my next workplace would be one that supports women through the different events and stages in their lives, such as having and raising children. AXA’s solid employee benefit program offering maternity leave and shorter working hours among others was attractive in this regard. When I started working at the contact center as a customer adviser after joining the company, I found that many of the operators there had indeed returned from maternity leave. Once you decide to return to work, there is a support system is in place that includes shorter working hours, which will reduce the burden on women. In my opinion, it is a pleasant workplace for women, enabling them to develop their career over the long term. We can rest assured that we can continue working after we get married or give birth.

Moved by the comment, “You’ve made me a fan”

The job of customer adviser involves handling customer inquiries and providing insurance advice. Different customers seek different insurance. One person might be considering adding their child to their car insurance policy, while another might be looking to insure their first car that they’ve bought upon entering the workforce. I strive to offer advice tailored to the individual lifestyle of each and every customer with their different backgrounds and needs after carefully considering the best solution for them.
As customer advisers are the first point of contact for customers, our attitude shapes their first impression of our company. Responding to various concerns and questions and developing mutual trust within a limited time frame are challenging, yet rewarding.
Sometimes when I successfully communicate relevant information to a customer using plain language that they can understand, their voice brightens up as they say, “Right. I finally got it. Thank you!” And then the following day I derive unsurpassed pleasure from the knowledge that the customer has awarded me the best rating in the overall customer satisfaction survey. Among many comments received so far, the one that left the biggest impression was: “You’ve made me a fan.”

To be a lifetime partner to our customers

What I take most seriously in my job is the need to be attentive to the customer’s needs and concerns. Identifying what customers are looking for and what concerns they have and then discussing what policy would be best for them are what matters most. When considering an insurance policy, it is important to take into account not only the financial benefits but also whether the coverage is appropriate depending on the customer’s lifestyle.
In order to promote better customer engagement, we use our team chatroom to share phrases that have impacted customers on a daily basis. We also share questions and can get answers to them in real time. The key to successfully “working as a team” is to share the little insights we gain in our day-to-day operations among the entire team. Going forward, we will continue to inspire and help each other in order to support our customers as a “close and trusted partner” with the aim to becoming their partner for life.

My favorite AXA Value

My favorite phrase is “One AXA,” which echoes the value evoked by “work as a team,” the words that led me to join the company. Our job contributes to the value customers receive when we successfully cooperate with people at other departments and deliver the best solutions. Therefore, I will remain focused on serving customers as part of one big team that has its eyes on the same goal.


(One of my typical work days)

  • 8:45Arrive at the office, check emails and chat messages
  • 9:00Start the day. Assist customers
  • 10:00Team meeting
  • 11:00Assist customers
  • 12:30Eat lunch
  • 13:30Assist customers
  • 16:00Acquire professional knowledge voluntarily
  • 16:30Assist customers
  • 18:00Go home


I enjoy watching movies on weekends with my cat. Be they horror or drama, movies allow us to experience a life that we would otherwise never get to experience, which I think is the appeal of watching them.